PROGRAMS | with Peggy McColl

Peggy’s Kitchen Table

Peggy’s Kitchen Table  Join me at my private home for a full day unlike any other offering available!  Imagine — after 1 single day — being able to look back after creating the foundation for an online business and walk away with the understanding and knowledge of what you can do and saying, “that was easy!”



Peggy McColl’s Elite Circle of Influence

Are you ready to bring your income to a higher level? Imagine where your life, career and manifested results can be over the next several months with the guidance of master manifester Peggy McColl. learn_more

One on One: Private Mentorship Program

oneonone_programsriklanThanks to Peggy’s help, I sold 6,828 copies for $27 each – that’s $184,256.00 without spending a dime on advertising.” – David Riklan, creator of Peggy McColl’s energy, brilliance and creativity will motivate you to take inspired action. Through her proven strategies and techniques she can guide you to a tremendous level of success in any of your endeavors. Take action now to redeem this rare opportunity for Peggy to hold your hand. learn_more

BOOKS | by Peggy McColl


How To Sell Your Stuff Not Your Soul

Your Guide To Being You, Being True, And Living A Millionaire Lifestyle “I am greatly pleased that this book is more spiritual than expected! Business IS personal and we can sleep at night and help ourselves and others prosper! Thanks!”

– Jennifer T. Webb, Author, Artist, Entrepreneur



– Darn Easy

Work Half As Hard, Earn Twice As Much, While Living The Life Of Your Dreams

– The Millionaire Author

The Hidden Secets To Turn Your Book Into A Million Dollar Business

– 21 Distinctions of Wealth


– On Being The Creator Of Your Destiny


– Viral Explosions


– The 8 Proven Secets To SMART Success


– Your Destiny Switch


– The WON Thing


– 99 Things Before Marketing On The Internet

One on One Mentoring

Peggy can take you where you need to be 1 on 1 just you and Peggy.

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Peggy’s Colleagues & Clients

Bob Proctor, Wayne Dyer, Neale Donald Walsch…

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