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Build a Business, Expand your Business, Create Multiple Revenue Sources, Write and Market Your Own Best Seller and / or
Build a Multi-Six (or Seven) Figure Online or Offline Business

New York Times best-selling author Peggy McColl is commonly referred to as The Master Manifestor—and for very good reason!

Once she set her mind to it, she went from being an unemployed single mother to a New York Times and international best-selling author and a much-sought-after business mentor. And she did it in a very short time!

Peggy has 12 books that have been sold in more than 88 countries and translated into 37 languages. She has also helped launch over 100 transformational books onto bestseller lists for phenomenally successful authors that include:

  • Wayne Dyer
  • Marci Shimoff
  • Neale Donald Walsch
  • Marianne Williamson
  • Debbie Ford
  • Gay Hendricks

Now you can learn her essential secrets for success through
personalized, 1:1 mentoring sessions.

Take advantage of this tremendous opportunity and grab a mentoring spot NOW Ms. McColl usually has a waiting list for her mentoring services. So take action and reserve your spot immediately! If the service is on this page and showing as available to sign up, it means that the service is available. If the sign up link is not available it means she is now taking a waiting list.

Peggy McColl’s energy, brilliance and creativity will motivate you to take inspired action. Through her proven strategies and techniques she can guide you to a tremendous level of success in any of these endeavors:

  • Build a profitable online or offline business — she’ll even help you figure out WHAT the business can or should be!
  • Gain recognition as an “expert” in something and build a highly memorable brand
  • Complete your book and make it an International Best Seller
  • Achieve the well respected designation of “New York Times Best-Selling Author”

If you like, you can also receive guidance to write a traditional book, e-book or create a powerful book proposal (all expertise she can help you with)

  • Make your book a bestseller (she is the world renowned acknowledged MASTER of this!)
  • Execute effective online marketing:
    • Build a list
    • Send persuasive emails
    • Develop a website that sells products by the truck load
  • Create information products (e-books, audios, videos, etc.) that make BIG money
  • Inspire others to market YOUR products and services—while you profit!

Here is just a quick snapshot of the many ways in which Peggy McColl can energize your career.

Generate Tremendous Revenues with an Online or Offline Enterprise

Peggy McColl is a master marketer who has generated millions of dollars in revenues from her powerful online and offline enterprises—without being a workaholic.

She can walk you through her simple process and show you exactly how to create a booming online business that:

  • Makes money while sleep
  • Doesn’t require employees or an office
  • Serves as a continual stream of royalty income


Write your Bestseller – NOW!

Being an author, especially a best-selling author, labels you as the “go-to” expert in your field and brings you:

  • Instant credibility
  • Peer-level recognition
  • Money-making opportunities

The good news is you don’t have to be connected to a traditional major publisher to achieve best-seller status. Today the e-book market is exploding with sales now outstripping hardcover books!

The New York Times has created a best-seller list for e-books, and Amazon has a 70% royalty option that can lead to unprecedented profits for authors. So the time to act is now!

Making this tremendous opportunity even more accessible is that Peggy can teach you to create and write a bestseller quickly. She recently wrote her eighth book in a single weekend using her simple step-by-step Fast Track book-writing techniques.

Through this dynamic mentoring opportunity, Peggy will teach you her secrets so you can spend less time writing your book, and more time SELLING thousands of copies.

bobproctor2a“Let me share a secret with you…

If you want your book to be a best seller, DO exactly what Peggy McColl tells you. She is the best in the world!”

Bob Proctor, Author of You Were Born Rich

Ready to jump in but not sure if you have a great business idea?

Peggy will brainstorm with you. She’ll even let you leverage one of her ideas and then work side-by-side with you to build it into a money-making machine!

“DOUBLED her bottom line!”

Thank you, Peggy! Your mentoring and information has made a world of difference in my life and business. In fact, my bottom line has actually DOUBLED because of your help.”

Dr. Stacia Pierce

Propel Your Book to Bestseller Status

Peggy McColl has helped more than 450 authors achieve bestseller status through her proven strategies and secrets. That’s an amazing track record that speaks for itself. You can be next!

Her books regularly race up the bestseller lists of the New York Times, Barnes & Noble and Amazon. She’s able to do this time and time again by using the same proven strategies and techniques she’s perfected over time.

She’s done the trial and error part so you don’t have to!

If you have a book, or just an idea for one, mentoring with Peggy will give you access to her extensive library of tips and tricks that elite authors use to dominate the bestseller charts.

“Reached #1 on BOTH Amazon.com and Barnes&Noble.com!”

quoteBy 10:30 a.m. on Target Day, the latest Converstions With God book ‘Home with God’, hit #1 overall on both Amazon.com and Barnes&Noble.com, where it remained for three days! This was the most successful launch of ANY book I have ever written, and I am very clear what made the difference. In two words: Peggy McColl.”

Neale Donald Walsch,
NY Times Best-Selling Author of the ‘Conversations with God’ series

Take the First Step Towards Moving Your Life in a Fantastic New Direction

Sign Up for Your Mentoring Sessions with Peggy McColl Today! Once you sign up, watch for an email from Peggy herself and she’ll give you the next availability (usually within two weeks).

Peggy McColl’s mentoring and books have inspired and showed thousands of people how to take the bull by the horns and build a lucrative enterprise that generates multiple income streams.

Not only does she provide simple, easy-to-follow instruction, answer any or all of your questions— she’ll also teach you powerful techniques for creating a mindset that attracts and endless flow of opportunity and success!

When you make a commitment for this one on one service, the commitment is also made to you. The one on one mentoring does not offer a refund or a cancellation. When you secure one of these spots, the commitment is also made to you to reserve that spot and ensure the time will be available for YOU.

One on One Private Mentoring

12 x 30 minutes of private mentoring with Peggy

If you are enthusiastic and ready to receive personalized guidance private mentoring is for you. You and Peggy McColl will have 12 x 30 minutes together that can be utilized to help you get results.  (Please note:  You must use your mentoring time within the year from the date you register.)  Registration includes payment in full and this service does not offer a refund.  Once you are committed to this offering, Peggy is committed to you.

Quite simply – you are registering to have Peggy be your personal and private mentor for a total of six full hours. This option is ideal if you are looking to get your book done AND/OR you would like to have Peggy’s guidance to make your a New York Times Best Seller or an International Best Seller AND/OR you simply want to BUILD and/or expand your revenue. This service is one on one with Peggy delivered either in person, on the phone or on skype. To begin, you must register and pay in advance. Once you register, Peggy will be notified and will email you back within 48 hours (during business days, excluding weekends and holidays) to schedule a mutually convenient time to get on the phone (or skype) to schedule. Plus FOR A LIMITED TIME (while there are still mentoring place available) you’ll receive these 3 FANTASTIC BONUSES:

BONUS # 1: Complete and full access to the latest 21 Day Author and 21 Day Promotion programs.

BONUS # 2: Complete and full access to  Way to Riches.

ONLY $9,950 USD



Read How These Authors Turned Their Investment With Peggy Into
Multi Six- and Seven-Figure Success Stories!

“I began working with Peggy and immediately she had the most brilliant online marketing ideas of anyone I had ever met!”

thumb_dean_graziosiquoteMore than just great ideas – she had follow through and fulfilled on each and every promise. Rare in today’s world. Granted, I’ve been fortunate that in just the last several years alone my creations have generated over $100,000,000 (that’s right a HUNDRED MILLIOIN DOLLARS) and at the age of 37 I’m a multi-millionaire, but I hired Peggy to take my book “Totally Fulfilled” to the top of the charts AND, in addition to doing that, she also helped me design a brand new online marketing program that is generating more online business than I ever imagined possible. She is a non-stop, idea creating, revenue generating machine! I highly recommend her! She is worth 100 times what she charges – no, make that 1000 times and more!” In a world full of good talkers it is nice to do business with a DOER!!

Dean Graziosi, Author of Totally Fulfilled

thumb_deborah_skye_kingquoteWorking with Peggy as a Mentor, Online Marketing Coach and ‘Go To Person’ has enabled me to take my first book and repurpose it to diversify my income streams, resulting in $113,927.92 in new revenue. I have created high ticket programs for my clients and used one idea to generate 27 new clients in 3 days. Brilliant! Peggy’s straight forward approach to harnessing my passions and marketing my message to women globally has changed my life forever, both financially and professionally and it has allowed the people who are searching for my particular programs and trainings to find me effortlessly. Peg, I am forever grateful and love your heartfelt passion for helping others share their gifts with the world.”

Deborah Skye King
President: Soul Therapy International