If you’ve been struggling to get that first draft written, don’t give up! Instead…

Write Your Book In Two Days…
Working 1-On-1 And Side-By-Side
With Peggy McColl – Right In HER Office
(or on Skype)!

Yes, you’ll spend TWO DAYS – 6 hours a day –
pounding out the first draft of your book,
right in my home, right at my desk or online via Skype!

Now before you give that “doubter’s voice” any chance to shoot you down, I want you to indulge me for just a moment, while I tell you what this is all about…

…and why I am convinced ANYONE can get a book written, and ready for editing, in just two days.

Hi, I’m Peggy McColl … and although you may find it hard to believe right now, you really can write an entire first draft of your book between Friday and Monday. Even if you haven’t finalized your topic, yet!

All you need are a few specific, powerful strategies … and my help.

I know … because I’ve already done it.

My book – my eighth, in fact – was written entirely in just one weekend … and I still had time to do the grocery shopping and visit with relatives! And now those very same steps and strategies I used can help YOU get that first draft written in record time, too.

It just rips my heart out…

You may already know that I’ve been working with authors (and those who WANT to be authors) almost every day for more than a decade.

And although I’ve helped dozens and dozens of them hit the best-seller lists, and launched many careers – everyone from unknown “newbies” to internationally-acclaimed superstars like Dr. Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Debbie Ford and Neale Donald Walsch…


…I’ve also seen many more give up before they even got their first draft written. Stories that truly deserved to be told, never seeing the light of day.

And that just rips my heart out. Really, it does.

I’ll tell you, no matter how much excitement you feel when you first get the idea to write a book … if you don’t work up a good head of steam, and get some momentum going (by actually seeing daily progress on your project) it might not take much to steal the wind from your sails.

“Oh, I just don’t have time for this” you might say … or “Maybe I don’t really have anything worth saying, after all. Or perhaps the worst possible excuse: Letting someone else convince you that you can’t do it.

When all you really need is a little momentum
…and the right guidance

Ah! But when you’ve got the force of momentum behind you, the wind is always to your back, and the sailing is easy.

With this in mind, I’ve decided to give a handful of lucky authors (and “authors-in-waiting”) an unprecedented opportunity to work side-by-side, 1-on-1, and hand-in-hand with me…

But ONLY if you are dead serious about getting that book of yours written!

Announcing my new…

“Get Your Book Written NOW!”
INTENSIVE Authoring Program

bestseller1I won’t waste the time trying to convince you why you “SHOULD” want to write a book, or get it done in a weekend … because if you’re not already thinking along these lines, then you’re probably not a suitable candidate for this program.

But being an author – especially a Best-Selling Author – certainly stamps you as the “go-to” expert and gains you instant credibility, recognition, and opportunities. I’ve seen it happen time and time again – not only in my own career, but for countless first-time authors worldwide.

Your own “reasons why” might include…

  • Becoming an “instant expert” on your subject
  • Developing new income streams
  • Creating a “springboard” from which to launch a speaking career
  • Spreading your important, life-changing message
  • Bolstering your reputation and spreading your name into new untapped pockets of your market
  • Overcoming the “inertia” that’s been holding you back by implementing the concept of “massive action yields massive results” (And remember, too: “Action ALWAYS overcomes angst!”)
  • Reclaiming your courage, and proving to yourself what an amazing writer you truly are, when you just “git ’er done!”

…or any number of other good reasons, like leaving a family legacy.

And yet…

Even knowing all this, I’ve still spent MANY thousands of hours fretting and sweating over various writing projects “hanging over my head” through the years.

Putting them off, then feeling guilty about putting them off, then worrying that maybe I’ve put them off TOO long and won’t be able to finish them because of lack of time, lack of momentum, or lack of ability…

And all those wasted hours became the driving force behind my search for a way to write FAST!

Come to my home in Ottawa, and spend TWO DAYS writing your book
right in my office, with my constant guidance! (or we jump on Skype together – either way – the focus is on you and your book for two days)

exterior-new-front3Okay … first of all, let me clarify: I won’t be hanging over your shoulder the whole time. I’ll get you started, organized and ready to write and be in and out of the office, doing my own thing (which might include writing a book of my own, or maybe even doing the laundry) … and giving you a little privacy and “breathing room”..

But I WILL be keeping a close eye on you, and holding your feet to the fire whenever necessary. (Of course, we’ll have to go out to the living room for that – I don’t have a fire in my office.)

I’ll be available anytime you have a question, or need some direction, or to just bounce ideas off (because a little “partner-brainstorming” can go a long way when writing a book).

Whatever it takes, whatever help YOU need to get that first draft written … I’m here for you.

You’ll spend SIX HOURS A DAY with me for those two days. We’ll even have lunch together, so we can knock around some ideas between mouthfuls of food.

And if it works better for you to stay home and “meet” via Skype … well then, we might do more, and shorter, sessions. But the idea is the same.

This is not a “training program”…
it’s the most intensive “butt-kicking” any author could wish for!

N.B. Make no mistake about it: This is NOT a “training program”, not a “course”, like I’ve done before. It’s an intensive, 1-on-1, 2-day BUTT-KICKING!

We will NOT be spending our valuable time together going over such topics as: Finding an agent … designing a cover … getting endorsements … marketing … or any other “non-writing” area of the publishing business.  However, we could if it makes sense to do so.

bone-wearyThis program is all about the writing process itself, about cranking out that first draft, come hell or high water. And when I call it “intensive”, I sincerely mean it – in fact, I doubt you’ve ever accomplished as much in two days as you will during THESE two!

For 2 days – 12 hours all together – you’re going to be write, write, writing … right in my presence. And when you drag your bone-weary typing fingers back to your hotel each night … there will be assignments for you to complete, as well.

I’ll help draw that book right out of you, like sweat from your pores (which is a fitting analogy, really … considering how hard I intend to be working you).

It’s “work first” the whole time you’re here…

And don’t even THINK of making this a social visit! (After all, it would be a rather expensive “coffee klatch”, wouldn’t it?)

manuscript2I have no intention of letting you leave without your book’s completed first draft in hand. To that end, “all ye who enter here” will immediately hand over your car keys and cell phones. (Don’t worry – emergency use is allowed, of course.)

Naturally, if you are still only at the conceptual stage, we WILL spend some time quickly knocking off any required research…

…but even a lot of THAT can come later – after you have your first draft written down. (I’ll show you how to effectively use “fillers” or “place holders”, so you can just keep humming along, without having to break your stride.)

And we will definitely discuss how to keep that fire burning in your belly, after you get back home … because you’re still going to need lots of energy and excitement to get through the remaining steps, once the book is written. (Of course, the excitement and momentum you’ll have from writing a book in a single weekend is bound to carry you quite a way!)

Priced to be affordable for ANY serious author…

Look, I’m admittedly not putting a lot of effort into promoting this … because I know it’s going to fill quickly. Honestly, the biggest “problem” I anticipate is setting aside enough time slots to accommodate everyone wanting to take advantage of this.

(The first small group I mentioned it to immediately snapped-up four spots!)

So what’s your investment going to be, to get that book written in two days? Incredibly…

…only $16,997 USD

Please note: Your registration fee does not include any travel, accommodation, meals (except our lunches together), or any other “incidental costs”. It covers ONLY our time together. Also, the few available spots are going on a “first come, first served” basis – no favorites!

…and there will be NO REFUNDS!

So please make sure you are fully satisfied I’m the one who can help you reach your writing goal … AND that you are dead serious about wanting to get that book written NOW!

Of course, you’ll want to stay somewhere close to my home (if you’re coming from out-of-town), to cut down on commuting time. So I will recommend a number of hotels and motels of varying price points in the area.


YES! Please Create My Launch Marketing For MeNow, obviously I can’t “guarantee” you’ll get the entire book written, in our two days together … especially if you haven’t even picked your topic yet, and since I can’t possibly know how dedicated you’ll be, or how furiously you’ll attack it.

But that is still my goal for you. And I will confidently stake my reputation on this: No matter what, you WILL be absolutely AMAZED at how much you CAN accomplish in just two days … with my help!

I really don’t care whether this is your first book or your fifth – if you need help to “git ’er done” … then here’s your chance.

So if you know for sure this is what you WANT and NEED … then by all means go ahead and register now. You will be scheduled in based on my availability (and yours too, of course).

I’m excitedly looking forward to working with you right here in my home. Please consider this carefully (I don’t want anyone just leaping at this without first giving it sufficient thought) and, if you believe, as I do, that this is exactly what you, your book, and your career need right now…

Then by all means, register now. Don’t end up at the end of the line!  The sooner you get booked, the sooner you go into my schedule.

Best wishes for your next best-seller…


YES! Peggy, I am so ready to put your personally-proven system to the test and blast through any barriers I may have once had in writing my next book … using your methods to “git ’er done” in a matter of two days

Please register me for your “Get Your Book Written NOW!” one on one mentoring program … and then send me any and all the information I need to prepare for our time together.savemyspot-btn