“Don’t die with your music still inside you. Listen to your intuitive inner voice and find what passion stirs your soul.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer

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If You Desire To Make Money AND A Difference…
Your Voice & Ideas Matter, and The World NEEDS You.

Want To Create Time-Freedom, Multiply Your Income At Least 400%, And Help The People Of The World (In Your Own Unique Way)?

We’re Peggy McColl and Trace Haskins, and we believe one of the best ways to do all of that and more is to…


Get Your Program DONE

Join us inside Get Your Program Done, which is an online class guiding you step-by-step through 8 in-depth online workshops including instruction and strategic planning for those who are serious about taking their business, their life and/or their personal income to the next level, increasing your revenues AND profit, doubling, tripling (or more) your own income.

This program is perfect for you if you desire personalized attention from an experienced business leader and mentor who not only knows how to make money, but also how to provide a valuable transformation that improves the lives of those we serve.

Oh, and did we mention you will have fun? You will discover how to get more done with less effort and allow more business, abundance and success to come into your life with ease!

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What if you really could look back at creating a successful program or increasing your business exponentially after a couple short weeks and say, “that was easy!”?

Show Your Present Results or Paradigms “Who’s Boss” 🙂

  • Don’t have a ton of money to invest? No problem. This program is affordable and will help you create more money in your business. We also just added a payment plan to make your investment extremely friendly.
  • Don’t have a business yet? You will create one as you go through this class.
  • Don’t know what you want to create or exactly who you want to help? We’ll help you choose a program to develop that’s in alignment with who you are and what your passion is (and we’ll even help you discover your passion if you don’t yet know what it is).
  • Invested in other programs in the past without getting results? We understand and have been there, too. This program will walk you step-by-step, no matter if you’re starting from scratch or have some experience already. You’re going to love it and are confident that you’ll agree, there’s nothing else like it out there.
  • Lacking confidence and certainty? “Leap and the net will appear” are true words of wisdom. We promise that after you complete this class, you will feel completely empowered, excited and confident about creating your own products and programs.
  • Don’t have a lot of time to learn? We get it! That’s why this class is designed to turn you into a program creation expert within just two weeks. Years and years of product development trial and error and education have now been packed into a simple, proven system that you will love (and that will save you quite literally months or maybe even years of your own time and money)
  • Don’t live in the USA or Europe? These teachings apply ANYWHERE in the world – it does not matter where you live, and it does not matter where your desired clients and customers reside. The miracle of the Internet allows us to teach you easily, and it allows you to reach anyone in the world you desire. There are no limits. The only requirement for this class is that YOU speak English (because that’s the language we teach in)… but your clients and customers can speak any language you wish to serve them in. This is universal knowledge and education.
  • Scared about stepping out into the world? We’ve been there, too. 🙂 As soon as you take that next step, you will be so glad you did.

These Are The “Gold Rush” Days Online — And It’s Time For You to Be Shown How to Mine & Tap Into the Biggest Opportunity In The World!

This is the era of knowledge, and information is one of the biggest multi-million dollar opportunities that people are tapping into all over the world. It literally doesn’t matter where you live or how much (or how little) experience you have! You will discover just how easy program creating can be. And, once you create your first program, you will definitely want to create another … and then potentially another. Because it’s a recipe that can be repeated as many times as you wish.

The key is in utilizing the Science and the Art of product creation and marketing, and we’ll show you how to do that – with ease and joy. It DOESN’T have to be complicated, and we’re experts at making things really easy for you. 🙂

If you have been wishing, hoping or praying to be shown a new opportunity that gets you excited about jumping out of bed each and every morning, then Get Your Program DONE will be the best financial and spiritual investment you ever make.

Here are just SOME of the topics we’re covering in DEPTH

  • Idea creation – how to come up with more revenue-producing programs than you could ever have time to develop (just like I do!)
  • Analyzing the profit-potential of any opportunities for your program before doing the work
  • Creating a highly profitable “Revenue Model” with multi-level programs or a single program that could easily generate millions
  • Putting together quality offerings (because your customers want certain things … in certain ways)
  • The easy way to layout the foundation for a solid program
  • Powerful Program Names (the name you give your program can make or break the success of the launch)
  • What you need on your website … and what you definitely DON’T
  • Creating additional revenue-producing services and/or products for little or no cost
  • The easy ways to deliver the program that makes it convenient for you AND your customers
  • How to deliver from the comfort of your home with services that are available for FREE
  • Getting your program ready to sell including designing your shopping cart (and what to look for in one)
  • Creating an ongoing month-by-month revenue stream
  • How to continuously expand your product
  • Multi-stream service and/or product offering creation out of your program
  • Techniques and strategies for building you and your brand as you being known as a world-wide “expert”
  • Assessing your own talents, experience, knowledge, strengths and energy (What do you have of value to bring to the marketplace that others are willing to pay for?)
  • The Psychology Of Success – programming your mind for the wealth to come
  • Making multi-media programs including audios, videos for little or no cost.

…and, as they say, a whole lot MORE (including membership sites, teleseminar series, e-books, and mentoring services)!

Enjoying the freedom of freelancing

You will be shocked at how easy this is when you are shown HOW. You can do this.

You’ll Be “OHHHMMMMM-MAZED”: A Simple And Effective Online Training Class

  • 8 Teaching Calls (All Delivered with Online Webinars) — You will receive step by step guidance on how to create your own powerful program Value $4800
  • Full Entry and Registration to give you immediate access to ALL of the recordings from the Riches in Abundance Program so that you have the right mindset for attracting wealth.
  • Wrap Up Group Call with the other participants to share your program idea, get feedback, collaborate, and more — plus have direct access to Peggy for your burning questions! Value $2000

NOTE: This program is designed for the service based / contribution based / heart-centered entrepreneur who is ready to move away from exchanging dollars for hours and move toward a more passive, multiple source of income model. It is ONLY for people who wish to “Sell their stuff, not their soul”. We will show you how to do it.


Register Now and immediately get access to a “Top Secret” “Get Your Program LAUNCHED” offer from Trace…

As you have certainly come to find out for yourself, there are only 24 hours in each day, which leaves very little time for us to get things done inside our “time-space reality”. Trace has not taken on any brand new clients in over 6 months, because he chooses to focus on quality, NOT quantity, providing people with an amazing experience. When you register for Get Your Program DONE, Trace is going to give you the opportunity to work with him on getting your program LAUNCHED with the Science, Art and Soul of marketing, sales and product creation. This opportunity likely will not be presented again for quite some time. So if it feels like a good fit, click the button below and let’s get started!

Total Value of this program is more than $6,000!
Your investment will be a fraction of that at only $6,897 $997

INVEST IN FULL – One-Time Payment of $997

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Changed my life forever, both financially and professionally …

Working with Peggy as a Mentor, Online Marketing Coach and ‘Go To Person’ has enabled me to take my first book and repurpose it to diversify my income streams, resulting in $113,927.92 in new revenue. I have created high ticket programs for my clients and used one idea to generate 27 new clients in 3 days. Brilliant! Peggy’s straight forward approach to harnessing my passions and marketing my message to women globally has changed my life forever, both financially and professionally and it has allowed the people who are searching for my particular programs and trainings to find me effortlessly. Peg, I am forever grateful and love your heartfelt passion for helping others share their gifts with the world.”

Deborah Skye King President: Soul Therapy International

DOUBLED her bottom line!

“Thank you, Peggy! Your coaching and information has made a world of difference in my life and business. In fact, my bottom line has actually DOUBLED because of your help.”

Dr. Stacia Pierce

Follow her system to the letter

“Anyone who’s serious about making a lot of money quickly and easily should follow Peggy’s system to the letter.”

David Riklan, Creator of SelfGrowth.com, …the largest personal improvement site on the Internet

A non-stop, idea-creating, revenue-producing MACHINE!

“Peggy helped me design a brand new online marketing program that is generating more online business than I ever imagined possible. She’s a non-stop, idea-creating, revenue-generating machine. I highly recommend her! She’s worth 100 times what she charges – no, make that 1000 times and more! In a world full of good talkers it is nice to do business with a real DOER!”

Dean Graziosi, Author of ‘Totally Fulfilled’, and Creator of 30DayWay.com

Worth DOUBLE what she paid, and saved her YEARS of wasted time…

“The information you provided me is worth double what I paid! I feel as though I have cut through YEARS of wasted time and costly mistakes, and I am excited to be applying this knowledge to my work. I look forward to learning even more from you in the future!”

Janelle Breese Biagioni www.soulwriter.com

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When does the Program begin?

A. The Program begins soon on August 2nd, 2016. There are 8 classes in total.

Q. What if I can’t participate in 100% of the program or bonuses?

A. The program is designed with the busy professional in mind.We encourage you to make every effort to participate in as many of the live calls, events and bonuses as possible. All of the teaching calls are recorded and archived online so that you can access them at your convenience and move through them at your own pace.

Q. What will my success be?

What kind of action will you take with what you have learned? Ultimately, your level of commitment, focus, and execution of the program you’ve been given will determine your results. Your Mentor will teach and support you in learning the system that accelerates the fulfillment of your vision for yourself, your business and your work. This program is where you learn how to thrive in the new online environment in which everything you’ve always wanted is now possible.

Q. Can couples or business partners join as “one” registration?

A. Joint membership is available for married couples who work together and business couples who have a formal business together. IMPORTANT NOTE: acceptance is extremely limited and first come first served. Once all spots are filled in the program it will be closed to new members.

Full Payment is NOW Only $6,897 $997

DEADLINE: Registration closes Monday, August 1st, 2016

INVEST IN FULL – One-Time Payment of $997

Just added! SPLIT IT UP – 3 Easy Payments of $399

“Peggy McColl’s program is packed with real information and a lot of it, my advice is to pay attention, keep up and put the knowledge into practice. The format is original and not just a program but an experience. The networking and creative energy that Peggy is able to bring together is hard to replicate elsewhere. Peggy is not only incredibly knowledgeable but a genuine person who is authentic, successful, creative, very generous and full of energy. I highly recommend working with her if you ever have the opportunity.”

– Karen Smith

“You Rock! Just wanted you to know that! What you are offering us is phenomenal. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I am completely inspired by your generosity and so excited to share your work and these concepts with hundreds and hundreds of people–empowering them to be conscious creators. I love living in and sharing that energy more than anything! Lives are going to be changed! Wahoo!! You are a blessing in my life!”

Love, Rochelle Rawson

“I have truly benefited from your program and my time with you. It has opened my mind to more infinite possibilities and I am so Thankful.”

Jo Campbell

“Thank you is not nearly enough to convey how sincerely grateful I am to you; for your program, your friendship, your genuine desire to see us all succeed, your generosity and your authenticity.”

Kellie Bishop

“Mere words cannot fully express my appreciation, gratitude and love for all that you’ve given, created and held for all of us to celebrate our individual and collective genius. What an incredible group to join you as difference makers. I’m blessed to know you and call you friend. You helped construct a unique family of love collaborators! Can’t wait to see and enjoy next steps together.”

Much love, Gretchen

“Thank you so very much for this past weekend. It was life changing, seriously. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to attend your weekend workshop. It was a fun and amazing weekend. What an incredible group of people.”

Mary Hirsch