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Still doing more THINKING than WRITING? Then consider how you can …

Easily And Quickly Write Your Book:

The 21 Day Author Program

…A Proven System To Get Your Book Completed NOW!

They say “everybody has at least one book in them”


Let me show you how to write a book in as little as 21 days, using my simple step-by-step plan. Heck, even if it takes you a month, or a couple of months … how much faster is that than the speed you’re getting it written NOW?

These are the same powerful strategies I used to write a whole book – my eighth – in just one weekend … and still do the grocery shopping, and visit with relatives!

Yes, you really can…

…write your next book – even if it’s your first book – in far less time than you EVER dreamed possible! And I’m going to show you exactly HOW by following my proven system outlined in this program that you can access immediately.

bestseller1Listen, we’re not talking about writing the next “Great American Novel” in a weekend, of course…

But it’s not about churning out the kind of crud your own mother wouldn’t read as a favor, either. No, the emphasis here is on QUALITY, every bit as much as speed!

Will you write a best-seller, your very first try? Not necessarily. (And admittedly, most people don’t, for one reason or another.) Still…

Anything is possible, as Jennifer proves:

“I never thought I could do it!

“Peggy guided me to write my international best-selling book in one week! If you’re looking for the perfect person to show you how, then invest in yourself and register in Peggy McColl’s program now as she is the master at it. You simply won’t find anyone as effective, qualified, or as deeply caring to work with.”

– Jennifer Colford

International Best-Selling Author of “Managing Mothering

Being an author – especially a Best-Selling Author – stamps you as the “go-to” expert, and gains you instant credibility, recognition, and opportunities.

And now, with all the incredible things happening in the e-book market (like the New York Times e-book Best-Seller list, sales growth out-stripping hard copy books, and higher royalty options through Amazon) the potential for your career, business, and income is greater than ever.

…even if you don’t consider yourself a “writer”!

Understand this:

The idea here is to get that book of yours written and published by making the most of your strengths, whatever they may be … and using other people’s strengths to “fill in the gaps” if we need to.

I hear from a lot of people who think they have to already be a good writer to write a good book – and you really don’t. Because you can write a pretty crappy … er, “rough” draft … and then hire an editor to clean it up for you! (And I will show you how to find one who can do the job well, yet still “on the cheap”.)

I often use ghost writers and editors myself … because while they’re polishing things up, I’m free to move on to my next project. (Or just relax – the choice is yours!)

Plus, I show you a number of easy-peasy ways you can write a book without ever actually “writing a book” … like teaching the material, recording it, and having it transcribed. Then…

“Voila!” You have a book. (Again, I did that with one of mine.)

Or you can take content you’ve already written elsewhere – like in a blog or a journal – and pull it together into a single volume.

There really are so many ways! I don’t know whether it’s true that “all roads lead to Rome” as they used to say. But I do know this:

MANY roads lead to YOU becoming a published author! (And I’m going to show you all I know about writing FAST … and then getting your book “out there into the world”.)

You Get All This – And More – In
“The 21 Day Author Program”

How To Write Your Book In A Matter Of Days Or Weeks (Or Spread It Out – Multiple Ways To Create Your Book Will Be Shown)


Getting An E-Book Uploaded And Selling Within A Few Days


What Is Required In The Writing To Have Your Book “Positioned” To Be A Best Seller


Agents – Do You Need One, And Where Do You Find Them?


Ownership Of Rights To Your Material


Converting Your Document To E-Book Format


Acquiring An ISBN Number (Or Do You Even NEED One?)


How To Get Expert Endorseements


Selling Your Book or E-Book To A Publisher


All About Foreign Rights Issues


Organizing Your Material To Extend Beyond The Book To Build A Business From Your Area Of Expertise


Easily Getting An Off-The-Charts Amazing “Cover” For Your Book or E-Book


And a LOT more (everything is designed to be easy and save you time…)

These 21 sessions are filled with valuable content to guide you. There are 21 webinars of online training with pure content and step by step instructions!

And, since everything will be recorded you can access 24/7 so you can go through all of the materials at your own pace, or as quickly as you desire to get your book done in record TIME.

This could be the start of something B-I-G…

bookstack1Of course, I don’t know yet where your dreams and aspirations lie – whether you want to write only the one book, or make a career of it like I have.

But as a coach, author of 12 books and a New York Times Best-Selling Author, my books have been translated into more than 37 languages and sold in more than 82 countries. And I have already helped hundreds of authors get their books written and published … with many of them reaching official Best-Seller status on the New York Times, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon lists – even Internationally.

If that’s what you want, then go for it!

This life has always been available to anyone willing to work for it – so now let me show you how to achieve it in RECORD TIME.

Regardless what YOUR “reason why” might be…

Now, I don’t want to waste your time with a bunch of flowery prose extolling the many reasons why you “should” want to write a book, or get it done in record time … because I believe you’re are already thinking about moving in this direction. (Why else would you have read this far?)

Your Own Reasons Why Might Include…

  • Becoming an “instant expert” on your subject
  • Developing new income streams
  • Creating a “springboard” from which to launch a speaking career
  • Spreading your important, life-changing message
  • Bolstering your reputation and spreading your name into new untapped pockets of your market
  • Overcoming the “inertia” that’s been holding you back by implementing the concept of “massive action yields massive results” (And remember, too: “Action ALWAYS overcomes angst!”)
  • Reclaiming your courage, and proving to yourself what an amazing writer you truly are, when you just “git ‘er done!”
  • Leaving a legacy … something your offspring (children, grandchildren, nieces, siblings, nephews) would be proud of

…or any number of other good reasons, like leaving your stamp on the world. The thing is…

There’s simply no longer any good reason for putting it off!

So let’s get right to the heart of this

What exactly am I revealing in the “The 21 Day Author Program” program? In addition to the topics I’ve already mentioned, we’ll cover…

  • The writing process itself – I doubt you’ve ever seen THIS MUCH practical advice on simply getting down to it and cranking it out!
  • Researching … FAST! Laying out your book’s contents (again, you can do it yourself … but it’s quicker, and surprisingly inexpensive to get someone else, far more experienced, to do it for you!)
  • Designing a cover (we’ll go into greater detail on how you can easily do it yourself … or get someone else to do it for you, quickly and inexpensively)
  • Creating and working to a timeline … because having a solid, well-thought-out plan can keep things humming along smoothly

…and of course we’ll go into even greater depth and detail on constructing your book, and methods for effective writing including…

  • Getting endorsements from the heavyweight “big names”
  • Dealing with agents, publishers, and publicists
  • Going international (all about Foreign Rights than we had time to cover on the webinar!)
  • Keeping the fire burning: how to maintain the energy and excitement you’ll experience, and use it to fuel your next project (because believe me – you WILL be excited when you finish your first book in a week!)

I really don’t care whether this is your first book or your fifth – if you need help to “git ’er done” … then here’s your chance.

Ready to register for
“The 21 Day Author Program”…
and get these powerful, valuable fast-action bonus gifts too?

Since this entire program is about taking action, and moving quickly … I’m doing everything I can to encourage you to make an investment in your writing NOW. (IF you’re serious about getting that book written!)

Best Seller Insider Secrets

In my “Bestseller Insider Secrets” collection, you’ll tap in to a motherlode of gold nuggets that have saved me and my students thousands and thousands of dollars, and many months (and even years!) of time – all gleaned from more than 25 years as a best-selling author and writing coach.

These are the building blocks from which any author can build a strong foundation for their writing career. Yet until now, I’ve never shared most of them in any of my coaching programs.

The statistics and reality of the business … the how-to-make-it strategies that give you almost an unfair advantage in this business … the “what-to-do’s” and “what-not-to-do’s” that can help you avoid burn-out, going broke, or wasting months or years of your precious time.

Delivered to you in two jam-packed webinars – available for immediate download – that you can watch again and again.

A $497 value … it’s yours absolutely FREE when you register TODAY.

Way To Riches

The Life-Changing “Way To Riches” 6 Week Program

What if I could wave a magic wand over your head … how soon would you start living the life you’ve always dreamed of?

Then let me introduce you to … your magic wand:

The Way To Riches Online Program is “concise” and “meaty” – there’s no theoretical “fluff” here.

These secrets are proven (and guaranteed) to get you results. Please understand: These are the very same techniques I used to manifest my dream home, my vacation home, my husband and our happy marriage, my New York Times Best Seller achievement, and many, many other goals and dreams.

And it’s not complicated at all! As a matter of fact, the simplicity of it may astound you.

A $497 value … it’s yours absolutely FREE when you register TODAY.

A $497 value … it’s yours absolutely FREE when you register TODAY.


Online Class | Now Enrolling

Priced ridiculously low, to be affordable for ANY serious author…

Look, I’m admittedly not putting a lot of effort into promoting this … because I know it’s going to fill quickly. And quite frankly, the biggest “problem” I anticipate is accommodating everyone who wants to take advantage of it.

(It should come as no surprise to you that there are an astonishing number of people – wannabe authors, frustrated by their own lack of drive or direction – who would like to just get that darned book WRITTEN!)

So what’s your investment going to be, for my help? Incredibly…

…only $1997 $1697 USD

Please note: Your registration fee does not include any “incidental costs” like hiring other help you might need. Also, the few available spots are going on a “first come, first served” basis – I play no favorites!

YES! Peggy, I am so ready to put your personally-proven system to the test and blast through any barriers I may have once had in writing my next book … using your methods to “git ’er done” faster than ever before.

WHEN: As soon as you register you will be taken to a private class page where you will get access to the private clients’ page AND access to the bonuses!

Please register me for your “The 21 Day Author” program…


Peggy, I am so ready to put your personally-proven system to the test and blast through any barriers I may have once had in writing my next book … using your methods to “git ’er done” faster than ever before.

WHEN: As soon as you register you will be taken to a private class page where you will get access to the private clients page AND access to the bonuses!

Please register me for “The 21 Day Author” program…

It always surprises me…

You may already know that I’ve been working with authors (and those who WANT to be authors) almost every day for more than two decades.

And although I’ve helped dozens and dozens of them hit the best-seller lists, and launched many careers – everyone from unknown “newbies” to internationally-acclaimed superstars like Dr. Wayne Dyer and Neale Donald Walsch…

…I’ve also seen many more give up before they even got their first draft written. Stories that truly deserved to be told, never seeing the light of day.

And that just surprises me. Really, it does.

I’ll tell you, no matter how much excitement you feel when you first get the idea to write a book … if you don’t work up a good head of steam, and get some momentum going (by actually seeing daily progress on your project) it might not take much to steal the wind from your sails.

“Oh, I just don’t have time for this” you might say … or “Maybe I don’t really have anything worth saying, after all. Or perhaps the worst possible excuse: Letting someone else convince you that you can’t do it.

Just one little rule…

There’s a very simple rule I’ve followed in deciding what to include, and what to leave out:

If it HELPED me get my books written effectively and efficiently … I share it with you. And if it didn’t help … well, I don’t waste your time telling you about it. And I’ve made the entire program – every single step – so easy to follow, and simple to understand … and priced within easy reach of ANYONE who SERIOUSLY wants to get that book written NOW!

Let me tell you, early in my writing career, I spent MANY thousands of hours fretting and sweating over various writing projects “hanging over my head” – putting them off, then feeling guilty about putting them off, then worrying that maybe I’ve put them off TOO long and won’t be able to finish them because of lack of time, lack of momentum, or lack of ability…

…which is why I’m going all out to make this program far more than you could ever hope for, with bonuses that multiply the power of the program itself, at a price anyone who’s really serious about writing can afford.

So if you are ready to get your book done, NOW is the time to register.

There is no time like the present!

Okay, that’s it – now it’s YOUR turn!

Register for “The 21 Day Author Program” now, and claim your FREE Gifts!

Here’s to YOUR new book – written “faster than a speeding bullet”. 🙂


P.S. – And as an extra bonus, if you send me your book (after it is written) and I like it, I’ll happily provide an endorsement for you!

P.S.S. – Register today to secure your spot.

Okay Peggy, let’s have a look at this ‘hyper-drive’ writing system of yours!

Take me to the enrollment form…

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