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12 Full Months of Business & Marketing Mentoring • Your VIP

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with Peggy McColl


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Here’s The “Total Immersion” Opportunity For Anyone

Who Seriously Wants To Get “Unstuck” And

Become A Hugely Successful “Online Entrepreneur”…

…and who realizes that massive action creates massive results!

Deborah Skye King

Deborah Skye King

President Soul Therapy International

“With Peggy as my Mentor and Online Marketing Coach, I’ve repurposed my first book into diversified income streams, resulting in an extra $113,927.92 of new revenue, already. One idea alone generated 27 new clients in just 3 days! Peggy’s straight-forward approach to harnessing my passions and marketing my message globally has changed my life forever, both financially and professionally.”

If any of what Deborah, Esperanza and all my other clients have experienced sounds like something you might enjoy…

If the idea of creating an ongoing six- or seven- or even an eight-figure income appeals to you…

And even if all you’d like to do is replace your current income while working from home (or the beach, or a cruise ship) … with no employees, and no bosses … on your own terms, and your own schedule … and much faster than you could ever do it on your own…

Then we need to talk, you and I.

Because if you QUALIFY then we could soon be working together on a 1-to-1 basis to make it all happen.

Get private 1-on-1 coaching with me PERSONALLY…

PLUS automatic entry into every program I offer through my business within the next 12


Introducing My “All Access Pass” Private Coaching

If you’re reading this page you’re probably already familiar with my training programs, my track record, and my reputation.

As a business coach, I work with my clients to uncover their passions, identify a profitable niche to work in, and then establish multiple streams of income. And the goal is always to create as much cash flow, with as little “work”, as possible! (Note I’m not saying “no work”; anyone who expects to become wealthy and free with no work at all need not apply.)

Again – mine is a simple, teachable, and repeatable set of steps that many others have used successfully, once I’ve shown them how easy it can be:

Neale Donald Walsch

Neale Donald Walsch

NY Times Best-Selling Author of the "Conversations With God" series

Double platinum! Reached #1 on BOTH and Barnes&!

“By 10:30 a.m. on target day, my latest book “Home with God” hit #1 overall on both and Barnes&, where it remained for three days! This was the most successful launch of ANY book I have ever written, and I am very clear what made the difference. In two words: Peggy McColl.”

Dr. Stacia Pierce

Dr. Stacia Pierce

Doubled her bottom line!



“Thank you, Peggy! Your coaching has made a world of difference in my life and business. In fact, my bottom line has actually DOUBLED because of your help.”

Dr. Cynthia Thaik

Dr. Cynthia Thaik

Best Selling Author of “Your Vibrant Heart”

Worth 10 Times the Investment!


“The thing I love about you – truly love about you – is that you keep your prices at a level that is reasonable for those of us just getting started. You are here to give, give and give. I know you could charge a lot more, yet here you are, giving ten times the value of what I paid.”

Dean Graziosi

Dean Graziosi

Author of “Totally Fulfilled”

A Non-Stop, Idea-Creating, Revenue-Generating Machine!


“More than just great ideas – she followed through on every promise. Rare in today’s world. Even though my creations have already generated over $100,000,000, I hired Peggy to take my book ‘Totally Fulfilled’ to the top of the charts AND, in addition, she also helped me design a brand new marketing program that is generating more online business than I ever imagined possible. She is a non-stop, idea-creating, revenue-generating MACHINE! She’s worth 100 times what she charges – no, make that 1,000 times and more!”

I’ve workd with heart-centered entrepreneurs of ALL experience levels – everyone from first-time “unknowns” to “household names” like…

Wayne Dyer • Marci Shimoff

Neale Donald Walsch • Marianne Williamson

Debbie Ford • Gay Hendricks

During your journey we will have a full day of brainstorming

right here in my own home in Ottawa, Canada!

That’s right!

You’ll spend a whole day with me, right here, in person, brainstorming the possibilities for your business and lifestyle … planning our year ahead … and laying the groundwork for your success – whether that includes becoming a best-selling author, an affiliate marketer, a public speaker, a coach…

ANYTHING and EVERYTHING your l’il ol’ heart desires!

And we’ll identify some powerful “reasons why” – those dreams and goals you’ll focus on, the ones with enough power and draw to pull you forward, even when you hit the occasional hurdle. (That’s what I’m here for too, of course.)

Don’t worry, if you can’t travel to Ottawa – instead, we can hop on Skype or a Zoom call, and spend the day in video-chat!

And if you don’t have an idea for a business,

I will help you get one!

If there’s one thing I never run short of, it’s ideas for new businesses – in fact I generate ideas faster than I could ever possibly implement them. And there’s no point in me just sitting on all of them because tomorrow I’ll be thinking of more. And the next day. And the next.

Instead, if you just can’t think of something on your own, I’m willing to share one of MY ideas with you … and then work side-by-side with you to build it into a money-making machine!

You see, once you are in this exclusive program, I have no intention of letting you reach the end without achieving some MASSIVE goals!

That’s why I’ve designed it to be the ultimate hand-holding, arm-in-arm support and training you need to “git ‘er done fast”.

How much can we accomplish in a year together?

With these proven strategies and techniques, I’ll guide you to a level of success you could only once dream about – and maybe even MORE – including any or all of these (providing you do the work):

  • Build a profitable online business — I will even help you figure out WHAT the business can or should be!
  • Gain recognition as an “expert” in your field of passion, and build a memorable brand
  • Write a book and make it an International Best Seller, possibly even achieving the well-respected designation of “New York Times Best-Selling Author”
  • Develop an effective online marketing business, as we cover topics like:
    – Building a list
    – Writing and sending persuasive emails
    – Developing a website that sells products by the truck load
  • Create information products (e-books, audios, videos, etc.) that make BIG money
  • Inspire others to market YOUR products and services—while you profit! (Alternatively, you can make darned good money promoting other people’s products; I can show you BOTH ways!)

Here’s everything you get with your “All Access Pass”

The “All Access Pass” is undoubtedly the gold standard among my many coaching and training programs for anyone who is willing to work at a thorough, steady pace to create MASSIVE change in your life.

You get all this:

One Full Day (6 Hours) Of Brain-Storming And Planning … just you and me, in my home in beautiful Ottawa, Canada. (Or, if you can’t get to Ottawa, we’ll spend the day on Skype in a Zoom room.) We’ll explore possibilities for your business and lifestyle … plan our year ahead … and lay the groundwork for your success!

12 Solid Months Of Personal 1-On-1 Mentoring … starting within two to three weeks from when you sign up. You and I will meet – via phone or Skype or Zoom – twice each month in 45-minute sessions … for a total of 18 hours of personalized 1-on-1 coaching!

AND, full enrollment into ALL programs that I launch throughout the year!

APPLY NOW to see if the All Access Pass is a good fit for you. PLEASE NOTE: This program requires an investment of $36,000 USD with payment required up front and in full to begin. This offering does not have a refund option. Once you make the commitment to this Annual All Access Pass, the commitment is made to you.



Annual All Access Pass

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