The Complete Step-By-Step Program To Manifesting Your Dream Home

(BTW: This Works Even If You’re Currently “Broke”, and/or Lacking Confidence In Achieving Your Dream!)

When roaming about town or on vacation in a beautiful place, do you find yourself thinking: “Wow, it must be nice to live here”?

And do you sigh as you say, “If only I could afford something like this”?

Trust me, I’ve been there. In fact, pretty much all master dream home manifesters have at one point in time.

Although we may have never met, it’s probably safe to say that I used to be a lot like you… I was there and I know how disheartening it feels.

You work hard day in and day out, and you probably have a family who you love dearly (and who loves and adores you). You all DESERVE to live in a beautiful, comfortable home — in a safe neighborhood — overlooking your favorite mountaintops, valley, lake, ocean, or whatever natural environment that calls to you the most.

If only there were a way for you to inherit a ton of money — THEN you could live in any home you set your sights on, right?money-magnet-girl-guy

Well, I have great news for you. You CAN inherit a ton of money — but not in the way that’s traditionally talked about amongst the masses.

I’ll show you the way that can work for ANYONE — yes, including you!

It truly doesn’t matter if you’re living in a studio apartment today — or even living in a cardboard box. YOU can make your dream a reality — it’s simply a process of progression, and learning the “how to” system that makes this absolutely utterly and completely possible.

I’ve found that there are 11 simple proven strategies that you can learn to make your ideal new dream home a reality for you … and your family … and your dog, cats, and pet hamster, too. 🙂

Skepticism Comes Naturally, And Here’s How To Leverage It


Peggy and Bob Proctor on a private jet

Before my first experience with manifesting my first dream home, I was a skeptic.

In fact, one day I was sitting in a Bob Proctor seminar when he looked at me and said these earth-shattering words: “You can’t escape from a prison if you don’t know you’re in one.”

I say earth-shattering, because it changed my world… in the most beautiful and powerful way imaginable.

The prison Bob was referring to wasn’t a literal stone-wall prison. He was talking about our mind and our beliefs about what we can achieve.

Your “A-HA” Moment: Transforming From Pissed To Blissed

Transformational leader Wayne Dyer has a story about how he went from “pissed to blissed”, and to put it really simply, that’s the change that I’m excited about walking you through.

You see, right now you may be sad, frustrated or angry with your circumstances because you feel out of control. You feel like you’re in a prison. You may even feel like there’s very little hope to achieve that great BIG dream home goal.

But what if I told you that your circumstances today can be transformed in very little time, and with very little effort?

Live In Your Dream Home In a Matter of Weeks, Not Years!
How To Quickly Go From Dreaming To Living

I’ve personally manifested 6 dream homes (as of today) for myself and my family — and I’m working on more. It’s something I love doing, and it’s something that happens with complete ease and harmony now that I know how to achieve these great goals.

Here are two photos showing an example of my “Before” and “After” story.


The house on the left is the home my family grew up in — 800 square feet and barely enough room for us to sleep in comfortably.

While I’m extremely grateful for how hard my parents worked and that we all had a roof over our heads, I knew I wanted more — and maybe even more importantly — I wanted to provide more for my family, too.

The main home that I live in now has more than 7,00 square feet of living space and the absolute representation of abundance and luxury for me. It’s a place my family and I are proud to call home and we feel so good living here!

Your New Beginning Starts Now

In “Manifest Your Dream Home”, I’ll be personally guiding you and holding your hand as you make a quantum leap that today you may feel is not within your realm of possibility.

Together, we’ll take you from dreaming to living.

Drawing from – and building on – the 1-day, small group, Manifest Your Dream Home intensive training I do right here in my own home…

This convenient online version is spread out over several weeks to give you plenty of time to absorb the lessons … and gives you the added freedom of downloading and listening to the session recordings any time you like. (So don’t worry if you’re unable to join us for the live sessions – “we’ve got you covered”!)

Here’s what you can expect from this course…

Now bear in mind, I reserve the right to make changes and additions to suit the needs of the group. And because of the open Q&A sessions after each weekly lesson, there’s just no telling what might come up for discussion.

Nevertheless, here’s a partial list of just SOME of the topics and techniques we’ll be covering together:

  • What do you want? (You really need to know before we start because I’ll help you focus in on what your heart truly desires.)
  • Home? Vacation retreat? Own or rent? (Maybe you’re already living in your Dream Home, and now would like to have a dreamy place on a lake, or in the woods, to escape to. Perhaps you don’t feel ready to commit to a house of your own but would love to find yourself the ideal rental – say, in Paris or San Francisco? Doesn’t matter! These techniques are flexible enough to work for ANYTHING you want.)
  • Take out the trash – the most common factors, fears, and excuses that hold people back from achieving their dreams
  • “The Money Stuff” (This lesson isn’t so much about “where’s the money gonna come from” because that’s not as big an issue as you might think. In fact, I haven’t had the money for ANY of my homes before buying them! So this session is mostly about dispelling the mindset that tries to MAKE money the issue.)
  • The many “ripple effects” of manifesting your Dream Home
  • How to SEE yourself in the picture, and then PUT yourself in the picture. (It’s the difference between WATCHING a movie, and STARRING in a movie!)
  • “YOUR role” versus “The UNIVERSE’S role” (The big take-away here: The universe s your friend, and wants you to succeed and be happy. You do your part, and the universe does its part. In this session, we’ll examine what these roles are – and how to stick to your own without worrying about the universe doing its bit.)
  • “The Script” – how to identify and rewrite the script your life follows. (Sadly, most people don’t even REALIZE they’re following a script every day. So their money experiences play out according to a “money script” playing unconsciously in their mind – one most likely written by some else, for reasons that are not your own, and not in your favour!)
  • “The Revision Process”. Have you ever gotten to the end of your day, and thought, “Well, THAT didn’t go as well as I had hoped”? You’re not alone there. That’s why we explore this powerful bed-time technique to overcome ANY “bad day” (we all have them, now and then) and get right back on track to you Dream Home.
  • Eliminating toxic beliefs! (Most people lack the emotional strength, the “intestinal fortitude” to believe in their own dreams. It’s not their fault, though – they’ve been unwittingly “poisoned” by well-meaning, yet ill-informed loved ones and authority figures throughout their lifetime. If you think YOU might have been poisoned this way, then you’ll appreciate this session where I provide the both ANTIDOTE to any previous poison … and then INOCCULATE you against being poisoned in the future!)
  • How to maintain your vision throughout the day, like an “overlay” on top of “what everyone else sees”. (Better than “rose-colored glasses”, this is like wearing glasses with your dream home printed right on the lenses!)
  • How to develop and maintain the focus of Napoleon Bonaparte who said, “I see only the objectives, and the obstacles fall away”.
  • Knowing and working within your own “risk tolerance” … because if you set a Dream goal “too far” beyond your personal tolerance, chances are you’ll sabotage your chance of success through constant doubt and worry. (But of course we’ll work on overcoming those things, too!)
  • What to look for when you do a walk-through of any home. (Most of these are things your realtor won’t likely mention. For one thing, if you don’t get goose bumps … you’re probably in the wrong home!)
  • Swapping POSITIVE emotions for negative (Negative emotions like fear, doubt, or a lack of confidence nibble away at your dreams and any effort to manifest or attract them – often so quietly that you don’t even know they’re there. So this lesson shines the light of awareness on these dream-stealers, and then shows you how to replace them with positive, magnetic emotions.)
  • Choosing your “energy team” (One thing you do NOT want or need when manifesting your Dream Home is a realtor or a banker or even a family member in your ear who is not 100% in line with your vision. ANY negative energy will affect your success! So you have to careful when assembling your team – and this session shows you how to do it.)
  • Keeping things “natural” (Your vision, your Dream, has to feel DONE and RIGHT at all times. It should never feel “forced”. That’s why this session is all about maintaining a relaxed NATURAL approach to manifesting.)
  • Making the most of that precious pre-sleep period. (Do you realize the most productive time of your day is that brief period when you’re lying in bed, totally relaxed, hovering in that space where you’re no longer wide awake but not yet asleep? It’s the most productive because this is when your unconscious mind is most susceptible, most impressionable to your conscious mind. In this lesson, you’ll learn the most effective techniques for passing your “conscious vision” to your unconscious “manifestation machine”.)
  • “Big is little” – Bob Proctor likes to say “It takes the same energy to manifest a 5 million dollar home as it does for a $500,000 home.” The universe doesn’t recognize big and little – that’s a human concept. So no matter how big your dream … it’s never “too big”. And after this lesson, you’ll have that understanding deep down in your heart.
  • …and SO MANY more topics and techniques for manifesting YOUR Dream Home in record time – no matter where you live right now!

And on top of all this, you’re also getting these special Bonus Gifts, too…

I’ve already packed as much as I possibly can into these sessions, without stretching over even more weeks…

And yet there’s still MORE HELP I want to give you!

That’s why you’re also going to get these valuable Bonus Gifts absolutely FREE so you can manifest your Dream Home even faster and easier.

check-100Bonus #1: How To Sell Your Current Home To Buy That New Home

This special bonus module goes into the nuts-and-bolts of selling the home you live in now. But that doesn’t mean it’s all dry agents-and-banks sort of talk … because many of the same manifestation strategies you’ll use to BUY your NEW home can be used to SELL the OLD one.

It’s just a matter of doing things with a slightly different focus, as you’ll soon see. Yes, selling can now be just as painless and easy as buying!

check-100BONUS # 2: Interviews With “Normal” Dream Home Manifesters

Interviews With “Normal” Dream Home Manifesters (Like You) Who Have Made It Happen Using These Principles: No matter who you are or where in the world you live, this works… and these amazing stories prove it.


check-100BONUS # 3: The Miracle 7

the-miracle-7-150x150Use this very simple training to unlock your potential to manifest anything you desire … like magic!

The Miracle 7 is a practice that I have personally formulated which holds the possibility to transform the way in which you attract abundance into your life … with ease and joy.

You’re going to LOVE this.



Your Total Investment In This Program Is Only $997 USD!

What are your dreams worth to you? What kind of value do you put on them? If you could manifest the resources to acquire your dream home much quicker than you ever thought possible, what’s that worth?

You could spend hundreds of dollars over the years on lottery tickets, but the probability for success towards manifesting your dream home with that strategy is slim to none. Investing in this program provides you with a proven system which has been used all over the world — and therefore, much better odds.

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I guide you step-by-step through some very powerful exercises that will teach you how to manifest not only your dream home – but anything in life you desire. It’s going to be a phenomenal experience. Be there – click above to Register now!

To Your Most Beloved Dreams,


Peggy McColl
New York Times Best Selling Author: Your Destiny Switch

P.S. IMPORTANT NOTE: While this program is focused on showing you how to manifest your dream home, I have more good news: You can use the exact tools and strategies to manifest anything else that you want for yourself in your life, too! You see, once to learn how the “manifestation” process works, you can put it to work for you in any area… homes, cars, other material possessions, relationships, health, literally anything. This is an amazing investment in your future. Register now and let’s get started!


LEGAL DISCLAIMER: We can’t guarantee any results from the use of this program, though we genuinely believe that it has information that will help you reach your goals. Like with any program, your results are limited by your willingness to take action as well as factors outside of your control and our control. By enrolling in this program you hereby understand the potential risks when embarking upon a goal achievement journey of any kind and are fully aware and take responsibility for your own results holding Peggy McColl and Dynamic Destinies Inc harmless.