The Best-Seller Maker  |  The Millionaire Author Mentor
Peggy McColl
The Best-Seller Maker  |  The Millionaire Author Mentor
Peggy McColl
Learn From New York Times Best-Selling Author and Master Manifester
The Committed Author Program   |   Peggy McColl
Are YOU the next Best-Selling Author?

The Committed Author Program is for new and seasoned authors alike.

Inside this program, you will learn everything you need to know about writing, publishing, marketing and selling your book... as well as how to take your idea from zero to multi-million dollar business.

Learn from the comfort of your home and follow Peggy's proven action plan.

It's all here, waiting for you.
Way To Riches   |   Peggy McColl
Are you ready to create true abundance in all areas of your life?

You really CAN live in that dream home, snuggle up with your ideal partner, pay off all those debts, achieve financial freedom, and attain your heart's desires with Peggy's proven model for becoming a "Master of Manifesting" in only 6 weeks.
Your Signature Talk   |   Peggy McColl and Steve Lowell
How would your life and business change if you could become a confident public speaker that powerfully shares your message from the stage (and online)?

It's time to multiply your impact AND sales in just 1 day by creating "Your Signature Talk"...

This is THE key to accomplishing your goals: Packing your story into a neat and tidy package called Your Signature Talk, and learning how to tell it to the world -- both on stage, as well as on video --- so effectively that everyone who sees you speak buys into your vision (whether emotionally, or literally using their wallets and credit cards, or --- ideally --- both!).

This online program will show you exactly how to do just that ... in as little as just a few hours.
Get Your Program Done + Launched    |   Peggy McColl and Trace Haskins
Would you like to create & sell your own online programs & classes - making a difference in the world AND building a million dollar business? 

Inside this program, you will discover how worthwhile it can be to create an online program/class and how to do the marketing ... along with a complete action plan and step-by-step instructions to get it all done in a matter of weeks ... from the business plan and the class curriculum, to the web pages and ads.

Whether you're just starting an online business or are a seasoned entrepreneur, this program will take you where you want to go.

Learn from the comfort of your home and follow Peggy's proven action plan. You'll also receive guidance from Peggy's Director of Marketing, Trace Haskins, as he guides you in creating online marketing that has you falling in love with the idea of creating an online business all over again.
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