Gathered together, these are Peggy’s most powerful strategies for seeing your goals become a reality … PERIOD!

Are You Ready To Finally ACHIEVE Your Biggest Goals?

Then Join This Exclusive Club and Discover a Proven Goal System to Easily Manifest All Of Your Goals!

Because merely SETTING goals is quite pointless really, and a total waste of your time and energy…

…UNTIL you start doing what it takes to ACHIEVE them!

Yes, every morning millions of people greet the day with high hopes of achieving some of their smaller goals, and moving closer to the bigger ones … but find themselves “spinning their wheels” throughout the day instead, and rarely reaching any goals before bedtime.

mazeThey work harder, they work longer, but their dreams and goals seem always “just out of reach” until finally … they just give up on those goals completely, or demote them to that ever-growing “wish pile” that they plan to get to “someday”.

It doesn’t have to be this way though … because there are some very specific reasons people aren’t achieving their goals – common “goal-blockers” you (and just about everyone you know) may be falling prey to on a daily basis.

And once you know what they are, and what you can do to overcome them…

…then you can begin creating ANYTHING you want! You see, the universe is like this big wish-granting machine, saying “YES” to your every desire … sort of like the Genie in Aladdin’s lamp. Except THIS genie – YOUR genie, the universe – is willing to grant as many wishes as you want!

But there IS a “catch”

However, merely wishing for something isn’t enough – you can’t “attract” or “manifest” anything … without setting and acting on your goals. You have to take certain steps, do certain things in a certain way to get the results you desire. These steps are simple … yet powerful.

And I ought to know!

Hi, I’m Peggy McColl – New York Times best-selling author and business coach, known for my ability to set and reach goals almost effortlessly.

Some of my friends even go so far as calling me a “goal-achieving MACHINE”! And I suppose it might seem that way to them.

But it’s a purely human set of skills and strategies I apply to all my dreams that allows me to hit goal after goal with nearly programmed precision.

“Some of you might know me – I’ve been working ‘on the inside’ with Peggy for several years now, and I would like to go on record as saying: I’m continually learning from her still, and inspired by her ability to not only SET goals effectively … but to sink her teeth into them like a dog on a bone, and do whatever it takes to ACHIEVE every one. The thing is, she always makes it look so easy … and I can safely and honestly say there isn’t anyone I know better-suited to guiding you to reaching all YOUR goals in record time!”
– Al Henderson Quesnel, BC

I’m just a very goal-focused person – setting goals every week, creating my accountability list … and everything is based on the question: “Is this contributing to my goals?” If not, then I just don’t do it.

It’s very easy (and liberating!) to make decisions this way, and I’ve found the more I implement these very simple, fundamental ideas … the more your goal-achievement accelerates.

And best thing about it is…

YOU can learn how to do it just as easily!

So just what sort of “goal-blockers” are we talking about here?

Well, some of them are attitude-based, having to do with your beliefs and perceptions. Others are the result of using the wrong “techniques”, just not knowing what to do or how to do it.

money-envelopeFor example, one of the reasons I see most people having trouble reaching their goals is that they didn’t “get clear” in the first place. Because it’s not enough to just say something like “I want more money.” Heck, I could give you 10 cents, and you’d have more money. So you need to get clear on the specifics of what you want.

Other times, people try focusing on too many goals at one time, or they’re “mutually-distracting” goals. So already you can begin to see that you not only need to “get clear’ on your goals … you also need to know how many goals to focus on at one time, and what sort go together well. (Like ketchup and eggs, rather than ketchup and chocolate.)

This is a really big thing!

Before you can take any of the steps for achieving your goals, you must first be sure you’re setting them the right way. Because one wrong move can set your goal in cement before you even begin – and once that’s done, you’re not likely to ever get it to budge!

Don’t believe me? Just look at your own experiences for the proof!

(I’m not trying to be mean or offend anyone here – I just want you to understand that any bad experiences you may have had in the past with goal-setting and achieving have been due to NOT doing certain things in the certain way that works best.)

The funny thing is: Although I’ve been using these incredible strategies and techniques for so many years, and have taught some of them here and there in my other training programs…

This time I have ever gathered them all together into an offering like this with the express purpose of helping YOU become a “goal-achieving machine” too!


The Goal-Achievers Club…

“A proven system for ultimate achievement”

So what do you want? Would like to maybe…

  • Double your income?
  • Attract a soul mate?
  • Have a successful, thriving, profitable business?
  • Sculpt a healthier, sexy body?
  • Create a better home life?
  • Learn a new skill … like playing the piano or guitar?
  • Pay cash for a Carrera?

Then let me show you how to have it all! You just tell me what you want, and I’ll guide you through the necessary steps to getting it.

Why would I focus entirely on goal achievement?

Because, of all the elements of Success I practice and teach, this is probably the one most people have more trouble mastering. (If you need any proof, just listen to your friends and relatives around January 1st … and then again a couple weeks later.)

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

See … setting and reaching your goals effectively and efficiently is a process, a definite series of simple steps and strategies you can follow to ensure greater success every time. And by “layering” these principles, you MULTIPLY your success!

Here’s more proof:

A study was conducted at Brigham Young University, to determine what factors were important in achieving goals, and effecting a change in your life. Here are the results, in a nutshell:

  • Those people who only made the statement “that’s a good idea” achieved very little success – with only about 10% of them succeeding
  • Those who committed and said, “Yes, I’ll do it!” achieved a 25% success rate
  • Of those who set a deadline (saying WHEN they would do it), 40% met with success
  • When they did all three of the above, and then set a SPECIFIC PLAN of how to do it, they had a 50% chance of success. (Note: At this point, they were already doing more to reach their goals than most people … yet they still had only a 50/50 chance of succeeding. Obviously, it takes something more.)
  • Those who made a commitment to SOMEONE ELSE that they would do it showed a 60% chance of producing a change.

Now here’s where we see the biggest jump in results, across the entire study:

  • Those who not only took all the preceding steps but who also set a specific, regular time to SHARE THEIR PROGRESS with someone else enjoyed…

…a 95% chance of succeeding!

goalsThat’s why, in The Goal Achievers Club, we’ll be setting deadlines for our goals, making specific plans for how we’ll achieve them, and making a commitment to someone who will check with you on a regular basis, to keep you accountable to your dreams and goals … someone who will “hold your feet to the fire” as they say. And that someone is…

Let me come back to that in a moment.

In The Goal Achievers Club you’re getting all the most easy-to-understand, easy-to-use (yet powerful and practical) tools and strategies I use for achieving the phenomenal changes I’ve made in my own life … whether each individual goal is short-, mid-, or long-range.

For instance, one thing I’ve learned from Bob Proctor is the idea of “skipping levels”. You see, some people think that, if they’re earning $10,000 a year want to go to $100,000 … they have to go through $15,000 and $20,000 and 25 and 40 and 50.

But you can actually skip through a whole bunch of these “levels” instead, and go immediately to 10 times your income, if you’d prefer.

I also want to help you create balance in your life, setting and reaching goals in all areas: family, personal, health … AND of course achieving financial success at the same time.

Yes, your faith can set you free!

Understand this: You will never achieve anything extraordinary until you BELIEVE you can!

Because if I ask you about your goal, “Do you really believe it, do you have faith in it?” you might say, “Well, yeah…” But if I hook you up to a lie detector, what’s it going to tell me?

That’s why one of the things I do on a daily basis is measuring the strength of my “faith muscle”. And whenever I feel my faith faltering, that muscle weakening,

I can choose from several exercises I know of to “beef it up” again!

So in The Goal Achievers Club, you’re getting a number of tools for measuring your faith (and other emotional levels) … along with principles and practices that “r

aise the bar” – creating even greater, stronger, unwavering belief in yourself, and the emotional strength to stick to your goals.

And it all begins with a special

1-hour goal planning session,to kick-start the program in high gear (no worries – it has been recorded and you will get immediate access to it).

That’s right – we’re kicking off the program with an hour-long online webinar, to prepare and plan and get clarity on everything you want to achieve this year.

In this exciting webinar, I’ll start by briefly explaining some of the important concepts and principles we’ll be using throughout the program.

Then we’re jumping i

n with both feet, and diving deep into an analysis of those behavioral and emotional blocks that sabotage most people’s attempts at goal-setting

. You might not even realize they’re in there, doing all this damage … because many of them are lingering carry-overs from childhood – “programming” you suffered at the hands of well-meaning but miss-guided relatives, teachers, and other “authority figures”.

And now it’s time to GET OVER IT! (Don’t worry – I’ll show you exactly how to do it.)

After the “overview” it’s then time to actually start setting those goals – many of which you will have achieved before we even reach the end of the program! I

n thi

s part of the webinar, we’ll cover how to achieve clarity, purpose, and alignment of your goals … and then draw up your “blueprint” for success.

(And if you’re unable to join us for any of the live events, that’s okay – everything will be recorded for watching later.)

In addition to shining the light of awareness on those “goal-blockers” that may have been holding you back, we also look at the known “goal accelerators” – those things that leverage your efforts, and can accelerate the achievement of your goals.

These include such success tools as my “Power Life Script”, “One-Touch Enlightenment” audios, and “5 Precious Minutes” audios.

Then, just a short time later, things really get cookin’…

…because as we’re going along we’ll have regular goal achieving classes every week for the next 7 weeks. (Every one of which will be recorded for reviewing later on.)

Here’s a more detailed break-down of what we cover in the weeks ahead (although I “reserve the right” to add even more amazing content as we go along!):

Money Attraction – Using the many Manifestation and Attraction techniques covered, as well as “conditioning audios” geared specifically to money matters, you can turn the tide, and start greater wealth flowing toward you for a (welcome) change, like a “money magnet”.

The Total Wealth Mindset – You will discover how you can have a total wealth mindset that is easily drawing to you the abundance you deserve. This one segment is worth more than your investment in this program!

Skipping Levels – No more going from A to B to C to D and so on for you, not anymore! Because I’ll show you how to actually “skip levels” of achievement, and go straight from A to E in the same amount of time.

Goal Commitment – You’ll see what’s really required when “committing to the dream” using what I call “The Stuck Like Glue Approach” (because once you’re truly committed to achieving a thing, the “how” will reveal itself, and you’ll be stuck on the results). I’ll share with you a number of examples of “true commitment to your goals”, too.

Emotional Balancing – Here’s where you learn how to get rid of those “inside job saboteurs” – the poisons that eat away at your resolve to achieve. It’s mental and emotional clean-up time when we get to this topic!

Pre-Sleep Power You’ll learn how to use those last few moments of the day, before falling asleep (which research suggests can determine 85% of your results the next day). We’ll examine my “5 Precious Minutes” (guided imagery) audios, and how to get the most impact from them.

Power Life Scripts – I honestly don’t recall how long I’ve been using my Power Life Scripts (suffice to say it’s been a l-o-n-g time!) … and I couldn’t begin to tell you how powerfully and rapidly they have brought about positive changes in my attitudes, beliefs, and in my life itself.

Essentially, they record how you want your life to be … but written as though “in the future”, from the perspective of already having it! We’ll discuss the principles behind them … and then I’ll give you samples, and templates for creating your own. (BONUS: I will also review, and give feedback on, the ones you write for yourself, if you’d like!)

Manifestation Movies – If you’ve never used any sort of Manifestation Movie, you are in for a mind-blowing surprise! To the uninitiated (*ahem*), these may seem similar to other technologies out there … but these are made exclusively by me, for this program. Running at a very rapid rate (because your brain has unlimited capacity/ability to absorb the messages), these audio/video experiences are all in the neighborhood of 5 minutes in length.

You have no excuse for not watching at least a few every day – squeeze them in, one at a time, whenever you can (so long as you’re not driving, or operating heavy equipment) … or pack a half-dozen into a single marathon session, wherever it fits best into your day.

Gratitude – Even though most people today have heard that a sense of “gratitude” for everything you receive or experience (even when you don’t see the value in a certain thing) is essential for “greasing the wheels” on the Law of Attraction … there’s still the problem of “HOW?!” You’ll soon know exactly how … and your life will never be the same again.

Identity Boards, Vision Boards, and Feeling Boards – They’re not just a bunch of pictures clipped from magazines, and plastered helter-skelter on a bulletin board. There’s a right way and a … well, “not-so-right” way of making these – whether done digitally or physically – and you’ll know the difference once we finish covering how you can use them to achieve anything you want in life. In case you’re familiar with “Vision Boards” but have never heard of “Identity Boards” … well they’re like a dream board for your inner world, laying out all the characteristics you want for yourself. For example, to move you from “stressed” to “calm”.

Cause & Effect – I mentioned earlier that setting goals the wrong way can cast them in cement, and actually start you moving in the opposite direction you want to go! So of course, you’ll see how to determine whether the things you’re doing are actually contributing to your goals or taking you further away.

And, there will be “Open Question & Answer Sessions”. These Q&As are your opportunity to ask absolutely anything about goal-setting and –achieving.

*Psssst* – peek inside your toolbox…

Of course, when you’re building a new life – just like building a house – you need a good selection of quality tools, to accomplish each task in the least time, with the least effort. That’s why I’m loading up your toolbox with…

  • Templates for creating your own Power Life Scripts
  • Pre-made manifestation movie
  • Affirmations (both the audios and the transcriptions, in case you want to customize them, and record your own)
  • Meditations (this is another powerful “life skill” that far too few people indulge in!)
  • Emotional-level assessment tools
  • Audio lessons (every session is recorded, so you need never worry about missing one)
  • And even a private group Facebook page, accessed by invitation only so we can all feel free to discuss our new goal-achieving adventures together

You’ll get tools for relaxing, and tools for attracting money.

I’ll show you all sorts of “daily do-ables” and disciplines that can AMPLIFY and MULTIPLY your results.

You’ll also get all my One-Touch Enlightenment Audios – to build self-esteem, feel truly “worthy” of your goals, attract more money, see yourself succeeding, be at your ideal weight, and more … now all you have to do is push PLAY! It just doesn’t get any easier than this.

And finally…

Who’s your buddy?

peggy-in-family-room-2rRemember that Brigham Young University study I quoted from above?

You could clearly see the value of having someone you “report to” – someone who understands your goals, and the commitment you’ve made to achieving them … someone who also knows WHEN you’ve committed to achieving them.

You heard me say there would be someone holding your feet to the flame throughout this program – what I refer to as an “accountability partner”.

Well, here’s the exciting news:

Your accountability partner is going to be none other than Peggy McColl. Yup – that’s ME!

You’ll be reporting directly to me each and every week, with an account of your activities, attitudes, experiences, achievements, and challenges over the previous week. Reports are due every Monday … and yes, I WILL hold you accountable!

An unparalleled opportunity … to feel all tingly

This really is an unparalleled opportunity to master what should be one of the first things we learn in school – how to set and achieve goals (and become the master of your own destiny).

Oh my goodness, I just re-read that list of topics and tactics we’re exploring in this program, and I’m getting all tingly with excitement again! And that’s exactly the sort of feeling I believe you will be experiencing almost every day, once you start applying these methods.

As a matter of fact…

Let’s add even more to that tingly feeling.

What I listed above should be enough to change your life forever! Still … I think we can do even better. Because I’m thinking of a couple other programs I teach that might be PERFECT for you. So here’s what I’m going to do:

When you register for the Goal Achievers Club right now I’m going to include…

This valuable FREE gift to help you turn even more of your dreams into reality

Like I said, I’ve never shared all this in one place before – certainly not in such exhaustive detail, or for such a low investment. (Some of it, in fact, I’ve never shared!)

And I honestly believe this could be “the final solution” for anyone who has been frustrated at every turn whenever they’ve tried setting, committing to, and achieving any goal larger than “get the kids to school on time”.

Nonetheless, I realize that sometimes we all need just a little “extra encouragement” to do what’s best for us … so I’m going way over the top, to ensure you start this program on time, and have absolutely everything you might need, to succeed.

First of all, when I was reviewing the materials for this program, it occurred to me that some of you might need even more help overcoming those behavioral and emotional blocks – the poisons that can kill dreams in a heartbeat.

That’s why I’m GIVING you, absolutely FREE, full access to my complete…

“Eradicate the Poisons”

eradicate-boxAchieving success, creating a life of your choosing, and rising to the challenge of your greatest, most heart-thumping, eye-popping, adrenaline-rushing, want-it-so-much-you-can-taste-it dreams … is gonna take controlling your emotions, beliefs, and behaviors. I can promise you that.

Instead, most people stay in their “lack” for years – “holding back” just when you should be charging forward … always “looking” and never “leaping” … living a life of misery, perhaps eventually just “giving up” on themselves and their dreams … because they simply don’t realize how toxic their beliefs and negative emotions can be.

This program is “just what the doctor ordered” to begin strengthening your “Emotional Immune System” and avoid “success sabotage” … to quickly move you from a state of “blocking” to one of “receiving” … from insecurity to confidence … from fear to faith … impatience to acceptance … frustration to knowing …desperation and agitation to acceptance and calm … from feeling miserable to being happy every day.

With a value of $495, “Eradicate The Poisons” is yours FREE with registration!

thumb_erica_roche“Peggy, I have said before that I think this is the most important course you have ever offered. It has really helped me understand myself and the “poisons” that have been killing my dreams. I will be listening to this program over and over again – thank you so much!!”Evita Roche

In the Goal Achievers Program the principles and strategies packed into this all-new program could absolutely turn your life around the same way they did mine. And when you add in your Bonus Gift … well, you have even more goal-achieving power at your fingertips than I ever had in one spot, at one time.

What that means, the way I see it, is this:

YOU could “get good” at goal-setting much more quickly – and effectively – than I ever did!

And yet this entire coaching program – PACKED with 36 years of research, experience, goal-setting and ACHIEVEMENT – along with the complete Bonus Program (“Eliminate The Poisons” ) can be yours…

…for only $888.



(Okay, that dollar sign looks too much like the “8”s. That’s eight hundred, eighty-eight dollars.)

C’mon, let’s make this year your best year ever!


– Peggy

P.S. – Remember, the new program is kicking off soon … and you must register before then to collect your free Bonus Gift, as outlined above.

Classes begin soon … so the first class is positively the final cut-off for participating in this program, at this time, and for this price.

Make the decision now that could easily make all your goals come true – register now for “The Goal Achievers Club”:

Again Here’s how it works…

This exclusive online event will be structured in a similar manner to any other live event … with online easily accessible webinars including open Q&A time during each and every call.

Goal Setting Done Right in the very first lesson … no worries as EVERYTHING is ready for you and recorded for you to access at your convenience.

And of course the fact that the entire event is being broadcast online so you can join us right from the comfort of your own home!

Additionally there’ll be one hour teaching sessions every week for 7 weeks, including open Q&A session, for 90 Days.