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ATTENTION: Have you been trying to make the very important decision about “HOW” to get your author business, mission and wealth journey started?

You typically have two options to choose from:

A) Either take an online book writing + marketing course, or…

B) Invest in one-on-one mentoring with a high quality, high class author and business coach

STOP! Here’s an idea for you… Why choose? Why not do both (or “have your cake, and eat it, too” as I like to say)?

Here’s the thing…

Have you ever made the decision to get really, really good at something?

Perhaps it was learning how to walk… how to dance… how to start a business… how to play a musical instrument… or how to be a phenomenal, high integrity human being.

Or maybe it was breaking through paradigms and your terror barrier to overcome what once seemed like insurmountable obstacles and circumstances in your life.

No matter what subjects you may have made a commitment to master so far, you’ll notice three easily identifiable trends (when you sit and think about it for a minute):

  • You held a passionate desire to do it
  • You learned a strategy, either the hard-and-slow way (by doing), or the smart-and-expedited way (by having a mentor teach you)
  • You fully immersed yourself in the subject, perhaps even to what some might call an “obsessive” degree

Well, if becoming a multi-million dollar revenue producing author is on your list, I would like to invite you to enrol in an exclusive live 2 day event, called Total Author Immersion.

You bring your passionate desire…
I’ll hand you the strategy on a silver platter.

And together, over the course of an easy-to-follow-and-execute online course, plus 2 amazing days LIVE in person, we will be fully immersed in swiftly and enjoyably bringing your dream into reality.

It’s really that simple.

Just ask my other very happy Author clients and students:

It’s about writing an exceptional high-quality book and building a remarkable business.

It’s about building multiple streams of income – to the tune of hundreds of thousands (or millions – you choose, I’ll show you how to execute).

And above all, it’s about helping you get your message out there to the people who NEED YOU and are hungry, just WAITING to learn from you, wishing you were in their lives.

Whether you’re a brand new author or simply want to take a quantum leap with the results (both financial + impact on the world) you’re making, this could be your chance to make a big move in a big way —- in a big hurry.

If this resonates with you… if this excites you… if this gets your brain AND your heart fired up…

Register now for Total Author Immersion and get ready to begin your journey immediately.

As soon as your enrollment is completed, you will receive:

Instant Access: The Complete Program To Get Your Book Done Program, Even If You’re Just Getting Started

Instant Access: Morning Money Classes so you can get your financial mind in high gear, ready to earn what you deserve (and more) as an Author

1 VIP TICKET TO TOTAL AUTHOR IMMERSION LIVE: 2 Day Book Marketing & Business Building Retreat in Ottawa, Ontario

In July 2017 (the 13th and the 14th), I’m going to be in beautiful Ottawa (Canada’s Capital City), and I’d like you to join me. There will certainly be plenty of fun … and what’s even better are all the easy strategies you will learn about building your business on the backend of your book (HINT: this is where the real juicy results skyrocket your success).

The great thing is, you can attend this event regardless of where you are in the writing, publishing or marketing process. So what’s the next step?

Turn it into a million dollar business, of course!

At this “all-immersion, all-the-time” live event, you will learn all of the models, strategies, and hands-on “must do’s” to turn your book idea into a million- or multi-million dollar business.

And don’t worry, it’s not exhausting like a fitness bootcamp, or mind-numbing like a University Statistics class… it’s fun, it’s exciting, and it will help you earn more money and make a bigger impact – far more than virtually any other traditional learning environment.

It also requires a much smaller investment.

Space in Total Author Immersion is limited, because quality, not quantity is the name of the game here at Dynamic Destinies (or, as many friends, family and clients like to call it… “Peggy’s World”).

Get in now, enjoy the immeasurable (and measurable!) benefits of having my hand-held guidance, and make a decision that this year is one heck of a time in the next chapter of YOU, titled: best-selling money-making author.

Get Instant Access to the online program to Get Your Book Done!

Includes A VIP Ticket To Total Author Immersion LIVE 2017:
July 13th and July 14th!

Imagine — after 2 days — being able to look back after discovering a solid and prove marketing plan and business potentially behind your book and walk away with the understanding and saying, “that was easy!”

NOTE: This is for entrepreneurs and infopreneurs ready to finally to take their book and their business to a new level and have a solid business plan for generating some serious revenue!


Exclusively for YOU if your desire is for:

  • Becoming an “instant expert” on your subject
  • Developing new income streams
  • Creating a “springboard” from which to launch a speaking career
  • Spreading your important, life-changing message
  • Bolstering your reputation and spreading your name into new untapped pockets of your market

Do you have a book already, or a new book idea, and don’t know what the steps are to write it, launch it and build a solid revenue producing business behind it?


New York Times Best-Selling Author and Online Money Making Visionary Peggy McColl would like to show you how to take MASSIVE ACTION and produce AMAZING RESULTS — being guided step by step IN PERSON — among a powerful and inspiring group of movers and shakers.

Imagine enjoying exclusive high level access for two days to one of the world’s most visionary online money making, revenue producing entrepreneurs, and being part of a powerful group of movers and shakers.

Peggy’s Total Author Immersion is an exclusive 2-day event (2 full days). Peggy will be guiding an exclusive Group through two days. The program is for only those who have a desire to succeed!

Thursday, July 13th – full day 9am to 4pm

Friday, July 14th – full day 9am to 4pm

You will work side by side with Peggy, receive step-by-step instruction, have stimulating discussions of what is required from the conception of an idea, the strategic planning, as well as uncover Peggy’s own “system” and marketing steps — but please note, this is ONLY for the Serious Entrepreneur as you witness this first hand!

happyIf you:

  • Are serious about taking your business, your life and/or your personal income to the next level
  • Need to increase your revenues AND profit — doubling, tripling (or more) your own income — AND
  • Would benefit from personalized attention from an experienced business leader and coach — AND
  • Have a desire to connect with like-minded individuals

…The Total Author Immersion Program is ONLY serious entrepreneurs and offers you the exclusive opportunity to receive the direction you need in a unique format.

Oh, and did we mention you will have a TON of fun?

Peggy will show you how to get more done with less effort and allow more business, abundance and success to come into your life with ease!

Make Massive Progress On Your Book & Your Business In 2 Short Days

Success is a Choice — That Choice is Yours

Choosing to be a Member of Total Author Immersion gives you the benefits of exceptional services, insightful coaching, powerful strategies, and practical guidance designed to give you and your business and your life a serious advantage.

This is simply a one of a kind and once in a lifetime opportunity to give yourself the ultimate support in growing your business and yourself, on every level.

If this is exactly what you’ve been looking for, and waiting for, it will be the best financial and spiritual investment you ever make. As a matter of fact, the registration is specifically kept low for this group.

Here’s What Happens at Peggy’s events:




This exclusive offer is available until the program is filled.

When you make a commitment, you are fully committed and the program does not offer a refund or a cancellation. When you secure one of these spots, Peggy’s personal commitment is also made to you.

Spots in the Total Author Immersion are extremely limited. Since the program begins soon, these spots will be gone quickly. If you feel a twinkling inside, an urge to be a part of it, take action right now. The registration button is below.

Here’s a bit more on just SOME of the topics we’re covering in this offering… in DEPTH:

  • How to write your book in less than 48 hours (or spread it out — multiple ways will be shown)
  • Getting an e-book uploaded and selling within a few days
  • What is required in the writing to have your book “positioned” to be a best seller
  • Agents – do you need one, and where do you find them?
  • Ownership of rights to your material
  • Converting your document to e-book format
  • Acquiring an ISBN number (or do you even NEED one?)
  • How to get expert endorsements
  • Selling your book to a publisher
  • All about foreign rights issues
  • Organizing your material to extend beyond the book to build a business from your area of expertise
  • Easily getting an off-the-charts amazing “cover” for your book or e-book

You can do this.

Now is the time to give yourself the opportunity for exponential growth. The support system is ready for you to have the next few months be the turning point for your life and your business. Peggy’s got your back!

Here are the Privileges of the Peggy’s Total Author Immersion Program

  • Two Day “Live” Event
  • Full Instant Access to Peggy’s Special Program To Get Your Book DONE
  • BONUS: The Riches in Abundance Program
  • BONUS: The Best Seller Money Makers Program
  • BONUS: The Morning Money Classes Program

The Registration for this event is only $4250 USD

register-300x69Yes, you are worth it!

confidenceSpots in the Total Author Immersion are extremely limited. Registrations are considered on a first come – first served basis. We look forward to having you in the Total Author Immersion.

To register in the Total Author Immersion Program, please complete the registration (button below). If you have an open mind, are ready to implement some fabulous marketing ideas, have a spirit of sharing, have a passion, desire to make money in this world and you are a person of integrity, you are a shoe in for this program.

The Total Author Immersion Program is distinctly designed for the elite entrepreneur who is ready to propel their book or product idea and business forward at a rapid rate. There is not another program like this one, nor is it for the faint of heart or the entrepreneur who isn’t ready to dig in. This program is designed for the service based / contribution based / heart centered entrepreneur who is ready to move away from exchanging dollars for hours and move toward a more passive, multiple source of income model.

Your investment in this program is only $4250 USD.

And, the networking … priceless!

thumb_stasia_pierceDOUBLED her bottom line!

Thank you, Peggy! Your coaching and information has made a world of difference in my life and business. In fact, my bottom line has actually DOUBLED because of your help.”

Dr. Stacia Pierce


thumb_david_riklanFollow her system to the letter

Anyone who’s serious about making a lot of money quickly and easily should follow Peggy’s system to the letter.”

David Riklan,
Creator of,
…the largest personal improvement site on the ’Net


thumb_dean_graziosiA non-stop, idea-creating, revenue-producing MACHINE!

Peggy helped me design a brand new online marketing program that is generating more online business than I ever imagined possible. She’s a non-stop, idea-creating, revenue-generating machine. I highly recommend her! She’s worth 100 times what she charges – no, make that 1000 times and more! In a world full of good talkers it is nice to do business with a real DOER!”

Dean Graziosi,
Author of ‘Totally Fulfilled’, and Creator of


thumb_neal_donald_walschReached #1 on BOTH and Barnes&!

By 10:30 a.m. on Target Day, the latest Converstions With God book ‘Home with God’, hit #1 overall on both and Barnes&, where it remained for three days! This was the most successful launch of ANY book I have ever written, and I am very clear what made the difference. In two words: Peggy McColl.”

Neale Donald Walsch,
NY Times Best-Selling Author of the ‘Conversations with God’ series


thumb_janelle_breese_biagioniWorth DOUBLE what she paid, and saved her YEARS of wasted time…

The information you provided me is worth double what I paid! I feel as though I have cut through YEARS of wasted time and costly mistakes, and I am excited to be applying this knowledge to my work. I look forward to learning even more from you in the future!”

Janelle Breese Biagioni


thumb_deborah_skye_kingChanged my life forever, both financially and professionally …

Working with Peggy as a Mentor, Online Marketing Coach and ‘Go To Person’ has enabled me to take my first book and repurpose it to diversify my income streams, resulting in $113,927.92 in new revenue. I have created high ticket programs for my clients and used one idea to generate 27 new clients in 3 days. Brilliant! Peggy’s straight forward approach to harnessing my passions and marketing my message to women globally has changed my life forever, both financially and professionally and it has allowed the people who are searching for my particular programs and trainings to find me effortlessly. Peg, I am forever grateful and love your heartfelt passion for helping others share their gifts with the world.”

Deborah Skye King
President: Soul Therapy International

Q. What will my success be?

What kind of action will you take with what you have learned? Ultimately, your level of commitment, focus, and execution of the Total Author Immersion program you’ve been given will determine your results. Your Mentor will teach and support you in learning the system that accelerates the fulfillment of your vision for yourself, your business and your work. Total Author Immersion Program is where you learn how to thrive in the new online environment in which everything you’ve always wanted is now possible.

“Get ready to transform your life and your business. I’ll see you soon!”

P.S. As Robert Heinleim said:

“In the absence of clearly-defined goals, we become strangely loyal to performing daily trivia until ultimately we become enslaved by it.”

Do not become loyal to performing daily trivia that is not taking you in the direction of your goals. If you look forward one year from now, and continue to do what you have already been doing, where will you be? What if you choose to be and do things differently? What happens when you set some clearly defined goals and take action toward the achievement? Your life and everything in your life changes for the better!

quotePeggy McColl’s program is packed with real information and a lot of it, my advice is to pay attention, keep up and put the knowledge into practice. The format is original and not just a program but an experience. The networking and creative energy that Peggy is able to bring together is hard to replicate elsewhere. Peggy is not only incredibly knowledgeable but a genuine person who is authentic, successful, creative, very generous and full of energy. I highly recommend working with her if you ever have the opportunity.”

Karen Smith

quoteYou Rock! Just wanted you to know that! What you are offering us is phenomenal. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I am completely inspired by your generosity and so excited to share your work and these concepts with hundreds and hundreds of people–empowering them to be conscious creators. I love living in and sharing that energy more than anything! Lives are going to be changed! Wahoo!! You are a blessing in my life!”

Love, Rochelle Rawson

quoteAs I reflect on the wonderful time in Ottawa this past weekend, I’m truly thankful for the many learning opportunities from all the amazing people who attended. You and Stephan are a great team of direction and encouragement for all and I really appreciated the feed back. In addition, your hospitality was amazing..thank you. I have truly benefited from your program and my weekend with you. It has opened my mind to more infinite possibilities and I am so Thankful.”

Jo Campbell

quoteThank you is not nearly enough to convey how sincerely grateful I am to you; for your program, your friendship, your genuine desire to see us all succeed, your generosity and your authenticity.”

Kellie Bishop

quoteMere words cannot fully express my appreciation, gratitude and love for all that you’ve given, created and held for all of us to celebrate our individual and collective genius. What an incredible group to join you as difference makers. I’m blessed to know you and call you friend. You helped construct a unique family of love collaborators! Can’t wait to see and enjoy next steps together.”

Much love, Gretchen


quoteThank you so very much for this past weekend. It was life changing, seriously. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to attend your weekend workshop. It was a fun and amazing weekend. What an incredible group of people.”

Mary Hirsch

The Registration for THIS Program is Only $4250 USDregister-300x69Yes, you are worth it!